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On the heels of the Wall Street Journal article called “A Workout Ate My Marriage,” I thought I would pose the question regarding triathlon training and how it’s affected your relationship?  It’s one thing to train for Sprint or Olympic distance events which can pretty much be covered by your normal exercise regimen (unless of course you really want to be competitive), but even those distances can become challenging from the training standpoint when you throw kids into the mix.  A demanding job with a lot of travel?

But what about stepping it up to the Half-Ironman distance or full Ironman distance?  How do you manage this in your life?  I can say from personal experience that I know how this can really work on the one you’re with if that person doesn’t have the same goals and objectives.  I know some people who will literally wake up to do their long trainer rides at 2:00 a.m. just to see their kids off to school in the morning.  Now that’s dedication!  But that’s the extreme.  That person put’s family first no matter what (at least that’s my perception).

It’s really not until you’re putting in 16-20 hours plus a week towards training consistently for a year or more that you’ll realize how easy the professional athlete really has it.  Their job is to train; all of the time.  In addition, of course, to all of their other responsibilities such as sponsors, media, charitable events, etc.  How nice would that be?  I guess I never really understood this until I began training for the Ironman distance.  In year three of a steady effort I now do.

But how do you accomplish this?  I would love to hear the various stories out there as I know there are countless examples of sacrifice that others would be interested to hear about.


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